Our Name

Our name comes off

   as a bit of a shock

 to some, but here's the real tea on its origins...

Cup of Tea

We wanted something fitting to the brand, whilst still keeping it discreet.
Our customers were kept in mind when choosing our name; we considered the possibility of someone having to walk outside with their box. Whether it is a schoolchild that receives their box through their school, or someone fetching their box from their front gate, the name and logo on their box had to be discreet so they could walk with their box in confidence. 

Why "Vampire Tea"?
We chose our name for several reasons:
1) The logo can be on its own and still hint to the name (and it looks super cool on everything).
2) Vampires have to do with blood! We don't promote becoming a vampire, and we are not a cult. Menstruation has to do with blood, and so do vampires. It's as simple as that. *We hereby promise that no members of the Vampire Tea Team are vampires.
3) "Tea" has several uses. Obviously, a vampire's tea would be made from blood. Additionally, "tea" is part of Gen-Z lingo and this company was founded by someone within the Gen-Z era (and most of our consumers are Gen-Zers - if that's a word).
4) Admittingly, we rather enjoy the 'shock factor' of our name. It goes down quite popularly and most importantly, it's unforgettable - like our boxes.
5) Like our boxes, our name was inspired by and promotes fun! 

Our Mission

In 2018, Stellenbosch University's Law Clinic conducted an investigation. They found that 30% of schoolchildren cannot afford menstrual products and are therefore unable to attend school during their period. We want to help by donating a portion of the profits of each box sold. By purchasing a box for yourself, money is automatically donated to an underprivileged schoolchild so they may have a healthy period and be able to attend school. To assure you that we "walk the talk," we will also be updating our blog to let you know how many schoolchildren you have helped.

To wrap it up, you buy what you need, along with some lovely surprises and we handle the rest!

Ending the Stigma

Periods are not disgusting or something to be ashamed of. 

They are a sign that your body is working healthily and normally. We should not view our periods as a disease or illness, instead, we should learn to appreciate them and embrace their important role.

Do not allow anyone to make you feel shameful of your period, speak you down because of it, or refer to menstrual blood as "dirty" blood.

We hope that your box will, of course, allow you to get through this bloody time with what you need and even encourage you to look forward to your period every month. Even if it's only for the treats and gifts!

Here's to erasing the negative stigma around periods and replacing it with love and positivity.