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Updated: Oct 11, 2020

Hi Beautiful!

Okay, I know, I know, the graphic is a bit dramatic, but aren't we all sometimes?

In hopes of helping you make the best choice for you, here is some further information on our boxes. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask them in the comments or email us (you can see our contact information here).

Our Just a Bite box is our monthly box at just R200 (excluding courier).

What's important to note about this box is that it is not a recurring subscription. It is a once-off subscription. So if you just want to try Vampire Tea out, or your periods are irregular, this box is the perfect fit for you.

Our Barnabas Collins box is our quarterly box, meaning you are subscribing for three consecutive months. The three boxes are R585 (excluding courier). This price is "discounted" when comparing it to three individual Just a Bite boxes. Once you've experienced how amazing our boxes are, you can feel a bit more comfortable making a longer-term commitment, but not to the extent of six or twelve months. The best thing? You get to change your Menstrual Essentials list at any time for free by emailing your changes (please list all 20 items, not just the changes) to

Our Drusilla box is our bi-annual box, meaning you are subscribing for six consecutive months. The six boxes are R1150, once again, a "discounted" price. Drusilla works just like Barnabas Collins, you get to change your Menstrual Essentials list at any time for free and you don't have to remember to reorder your box until your last of the six boxes arrives at your door!

Our Count Dracula box is our yearly box, meaning that you are subscribing for twelve consecutive months. At R2280, Count Dracula is, you guessed it, at a "discounted" price. All of the same rules apply, except for an exclusive birthday gift! Your gift will arrive in your birth month's box, wrapped in birthday paper. Not to fret if you aren't yet ready for Count Dracula, you may still join our Birthday Club and receive a special message from us.

Hopefully, this helped you out when making your important decision. In a later post, I will go more in-depth regarding the differences between The Countess and Tea Party, as well as how they are helpful.

Have a bloody awesome day,

The Vampire Team

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