Ways To Treat Yourself During Your Period (aside from our boxes)

Hello Vampire Tea Spillers!

We all know that the ultimate way to spoil yourself during your period is to order one of our boxes! But there are a few other lovely ways you can pamper yourself.

  1. Buy yourself flowers. If you like flowers, then buy yourself a bouquet! We all know you deserve them.

  2. Light some candles. Scented candles and the ambiance of candlelight do wonders to help one relax and feel at peace. You can take a bath in candlelight, read a book, do some gentle yoga, or indulge in any other activity you enjoy.

  3. Do light exercise. Doesn't really sound like a pampering activity, right? However, light, gentle exercises (such as yoga) can help with period pain and relax you.

  4. Further building on yoga, meditate! Meditation is a fantastic tool to help with stress, anxiety, and pain. If you need to wind-down, 15-30 minutes of meditation does wonders.

  5. Cuddle up with a warm water bottle and watch a movie or tv show you enjoy.

  6. Drink plenty of water - again, not something too pamper-y, but infuse your water with strawberry and mint, lemon, cucumber, or a mixture. Water helps with cramps, and the fruit gives the water a fresher taste and makes you feel like you're at a spa.

  7. Treat yourself to an hour or two of your favorite activity. Enjoy reading? Drawing? Baking? Talking on the phone with a friend? Gaming? Set time aside to just relax and have some fun!

  8. Cry! It may sound silly, but with hormone and emotional levels all over the place, crying helps regulate them. If you need a good cry, just put on some music, sit in your shower and let it out - you will feel much better after.

  9. Speaking of music, turn up your favorite album and dance around your room, sing as loud as your heart desires, or just silently lie down and let the music wash over you. Whichever way you enjoy listening to music, make sure your neighbors hear it too.

General pamper ideas that Vampire Tea boxes provide every month!

  1. Drink herbal tea. Every month, we have a different flavor of tea for you to enjoy.

  2. Eat some yummy snacks! Based on your cravings, you receive either sweet, salty, or a mixture of treats for you to satisfy your period cravings.

  3. A surprise gift! At least one of our gifts is usually activity-based, a notebook for you to write your thoughts, feelings, or even study notes in! A book to read, a pamper kit to use, a mug collection ;).

It is important to remember that menstrual cycles are highly sensitive to stress due to hormone levels. This means that whatever way you plan to pamper yourself while on your period, make sure it helps relieve stress and any anxiety-inducing emotions.

Periods are the best excuse you have to treat yourself every month, so use it! :)

Warmest Wishes,


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