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Hi Beautiful!

This is a short post to let you know what you can expect to read on our blog. We will be regularly keeping you updated on all donations. Specifically, how many boxes have been donated and to which schools. Understandably, we will not be having any photographs of the recipients, but we will have other accompanying photographs.

Other topics you can expect are health-related. Symptoms to look out for, how your body works and why periods are necessary. These posts will be written after thorough research has been conducted and will include links to the sources we have used so you may do further reading if you wish.

Period-related topics such as advice on relieving pain and removing bloodstains.

Anything you want! If you would like us to cover a certain topic - even if it has nothing to do with periods - let us know! Ultimately, we want our online community to always feel safe and loved. We are all here to support and help one another.

Have a bloody awesome day,

The Vampire Team

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