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The Countess

The Countess

SKU: D-2020

Each box purchased (Just a Bite, Barnabas Collins, Drusilla, Count Dracula and Tea Party), helps buy pads for an underprivileged menstruator. The Countess box gives one menstruator a pack of reusable pads which will last them 5-7 years, as well as other essential items, such as toothpaste, soap, and five toothbrushes. They will also receive a bar of chocolate so that they can feel a little more spoiled.

There are two reasons for The Countess box not having the same contents as the usual Vampire Tea boxes, for people who cannot afford sanitary products at all, pads are much more important than special goodies.

If you do choose to donate a box, I cannot express my gratitude for your kindness and generosity; not to mention how much of a difference this box would make to an extraordinary person.


*The recipient of this box is chosen at random.


    The Countess box contains the following:

    - a pack of reusable pads 

    - soap

    - 5 toothbrushes

    - toothpaste

    - a chocolate


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