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The Countess

The Countess

SKU: D-2021

The Countess box gets donated to a menstruator who cannot afford menstrual products. 


In their boxes they will receive:

Menstrual products (enough for one cycle)

A bar of soap

A toothbrush

A tube of toothpaste

A face cloth


Among other small items (depending on their everyday needs; could be stationary if the box is going to a student) and treats to help lift their spirits. 

R280 includes courier - so please select 'Remote courier' for R0.

For an extra R120, we will donate a reusable product and instructions on how to use and clean the product. The product(s) will last the menstruator 5-7 years, meaning just one box will go a long way. 

If you do choose to donate a box, I cannot express my gratitude for your kindness and generosity; not to mention how much of a difference this box would make to an extraordinary person.


*The recipient of this box is chosen at random.