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Count Brainiac

Count Brainiac

We understand that exam season is stressful, so we have put together an exam box to help motivate and support you while you study.


What you will find in Count Brainiac:

- An empowerment journal

- A notebook

- cute pen

- small jar of coffee

- treats (mostly smarties)

- jar of motivational notes so you can take them out as you need them


My Sister made me a motivational notes jar and it has been a source of strength for my whole university year so far, I'd love nothing more than to expand that happiness to you too.

Count Brainiac is the perfect gift for yourself, a friend, or anyone else you know who is writing exams.


Count Brainiac is part of our June special! Buy a June box and an exam box and get 10% off. Use code 6789120 at checkout :)