Pink Blossom


Periods suck more than vampires, so allow the Sophie Box to make your "special time of the month" actually special.


The box is a surprise, so all contents aside from your menstrual products (picked-out by you, for you) are specially hand-chosen and packed with love from me. You will finally have something nice to look forward to when your body is cramping and your emotions are going haywire. 


Sophie is the perfect box for when you want to try Vampire Tea on a budget. 


Benefits of choosing the Sophie Box:

- Once-off payment

- No commitment

- Perfect to try

- Your choice of menstrual products (up to 10)


Very Important: Upon purchase, you will receive an email with the password to the 'Customize' page. Once you have completed the information on the page and emailed your proof of payment; your order will be placed, packaged and delivered!


    In your box, you will receive the following:

    - up to 10 menstrual products (all of which, you choose)

    - treats (sweet, salty, or a mixture - you choose)

    - a small, special gift 

    A pleasant reason to bleed every month!


    If you are dissatisfied with your purchase, please send us a message via the "Contact" form on the 'Home' page, or the "Let's Chat" toggle at the bottom right of the website. Preferably, drop us an email at with photographs of the issue. 

    All valid concerns will be dealt with appropriately - usually, a full refund will be issued, or a new box will be sent.


    You may choose up to 10 individual menstrual products. These will need to be specified in the 'Customize' page once you have received the password via email.

  • Contents

    You will be asked to choose "Just Treats" or "Treats and Products."

    Treats and Products

    You receive your customized list of products along with some delightful treats. 

    Just Treats

    If you use reusable products (such as a cup or washable underwear), the money that would have been used for your products gets divided. Half of the money goes towards an additional treat for yourself and the other half gets added to your donation. 

  • Vegan Option

    Unfortunately, alternatives/substitutes are more expensive, so we have had to compromise.

    Therefore, if you have a vegan, gluten-free, dairy-free, lactose-free, and/or any other similar diet, please select the 'Vegan' option which adds R40.